First Tuesday Class

Every month, CCGMS offers a free class to its members in good standing. These classes vary with a different topic each month. All have to do with the mission of CCGMS, which is bringing the study of rocks, minerals, gemstones, fossils, and the lapidary arts to the community. It is our hope that these classes will spark the creativity of the students and bring about further study.

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Here's news about the September First Tuesday Class

Join us as Bob Hohn demonstrates the technique of Flame Painting.  Flame Painting uses heat (from torches) to change the color of copper, creating beautiful patterns.  This makes very interesting pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other works of art.  This is a demonstration class, so no tools or supplies are needed, and there will not be kits available.

Flame “Painted”Copper

Flame “Painted”Copper

Flamed copper.JPG

Please contact Donna Barrett at by Friday, August 30th, to reserve your spot.

Upcoming Classes

  1. October: Wire earrings and an ear cuff by Laurie Hutwagner.

  2. November: Beaded bracelet by Janie Bailey.

  3. December:  Beaded earrings by Donna Barrett.

    Please Note: Reservations for each class are opened upon publishing the newsletter for the upcoming month. Sorry, no registration before the newsletter is published!

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Contact: Email Donna Barrett at or
call 678-447-3432 to reserve your spot in this class. If you
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Participation in the monthly class must be by a confirmed reservation and is for CCGMS members.

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For class information, please contact Donna Barrett at

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