Junior Rockhounds February Meeting

We had another great meeting. We had a program about the collection site at Brookwood, AL.

This site is is great for collecting. It's Kid Friendly. We had samples of the types of rocks they would find. The kids got a handout about quartz and all of its various names depending on color. This is the site that has so many rough cabs. Some of the rocks are highly polished by nature that they just need to be polished.

We also had some "Paint Pots" that could be found at the site. These are concretions that are hollow and filled with a red powder. The powder is red hematite. The Native Americans used this to make paint. They used this paint for ceremonies and as war paint for themselves, sometimes their horses and to decorate their homes . So then we made some paint of our own. The kids could use water, vitamin E oil or some beef fat from my hamburgers from the night before. We mixed up some paint and some painted their faces and they all painted on some white rocks.