The Cobb County Gem and Mineral Society (CCGMS) exists to provide a learning environment and format that is fun, educational, and socially interactive. We seek to share our passions with the community and give back through shows, exhibitions, and classes.

Since our formation in 1970, we have brought together people with various areas of expertise or interest in the fields of lapidary, geology, mineralogy and paleontology to expand our skills in each members areas of interest and to extend that knowledge beyond our club to the community at large.  We seek to share the enjoyment that comes from learning about our local area through the collection and study of minerals, fossils, and gems.  Beyond our monthly meetings, we seek to achieve our goals by conducting classes both internally and externally.

Our Club Officers


President, Ray Borders

The president presides over the monthly meetings, executive board meetings, and a multitude of other duties.

Ray enjoys family, friends, being a rockhound, and motorcycles.

lawrence parker.jpg

Vice President, Lawrence Parker

The vice president arranges our monthly speakers and takes over the duties of the president in his absence.




Recording Secretary, Lynn Avery

The recording secretary records all of the minutes of the meetings, organizes, and sends them to the newsletter editor for publication.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Lynn's lifelong passion has been teaching children, having taught in public school for 30 years. She came to CCGMS in her pursuit of learning about minerals and jewelry making.


Correspondence Secretary, Donna Barrett

The correspondence secretary prepares all of the correspondence for CCGMS and is our "Sunshine Person" who communicates with members when they are ill or grieving.

Donna has enjoyed collecting rocks and fossils since her childhood.  She loves making jewelry, collecting rocks and fossils, and enjoys astronomy.


Treasurer, Wayne Dodd

The treasurer is the financial adviser for CCGMS, keeping the club's finances in shape.

Wayne's primary interests are in studying and collecting mineral specimens and meteorites. He has been a CCGMS member since 1994.

Committee Chairs

Field Trips Toby Stewart
Membership Al Sorensen
Newsletter Editor Richard Cepurna
Show Chair Mary Ingram
Hospitality Keith & Sandy Johnson
Historian Edna Morris
Door Prizes Bob Hohn
Exibits Lawrence Parker
Dealers Becky Patellis
Webmaster Open
Publicity Cheree Dye
Social Media Cheree Dye
Photographer Open
Workshop Richard Cepurna
Jr. Rockhound Chair Ginger Lessard
Jr. Rockhounds Coordinator Bob Hohn
1st Tuesday Classes Donna Barrett
Class Scheduler Donna Barrett
Cabbing Coordinator Wes Manley
Faceting Instructor Roy Meade
Audit Jim Haege
Grab Bags Pat Brown
Awards Pat Brown
Clubhouse Facility Chair Richard Cepurna
Clubhouse Events Chair Open
Legislative / Parliament Hart Phinney

Board of Trustees

Paul Lessard

Becky Patellis

Wes Manley

Dion Stewart

Everyone has something to offer. Each one, teach one.
— CCGMS's Motto