Junior Rockhounds

The first Saturday of every month is dedicated to the future of rockhounding, gem and mineral identification, and geology, the Junior Rockhounds. We have various events planned for the Junior Rockhounds which can be viewed below and/or on our calendar.  The events will be held at the CCGMS Clubhouse.  Occasionally there will be Field Trips designed especially for the Kids.

June Junior Rockhounds Topic:  The topic this month will be Sharks Teeth.  The Kids can bring their teeth (we assume they always come with their teeth...in this case we are referring to any shark teeth they may have) and we will try to identify them using the shark teeth ID tool provided by the Tellus Science Museum.


Field trips

Most of the field trips that are set up by CCGMS or one of our affiliates is accessable to the Junior Rockhounds, pending parental permission. These trips include fossil hunting, prospecting, and much more!



Junior Rockhounds have access to the classes specially curated for them. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the materials and make beautiful works of art.


Workshop Access

One of the most fun parts of being a member of CCGMS is access to the workshop. This benefit is extended to all members, including the Junior Rockhounds. 

Please note, that one must complete the safety classes before being permitted to use the workshop.