Junior Rockhounds

Included with your family membership, the program introduces kids to the many facets of earth’s geology and composition with science and fun, and hands on projects. Occasionally there will be Field Trips designed especially for the Kids. The Cobb County Gem & Mineral Society's Junior Rockhound program is suitable for ages 8 and up, but parental attendance is required. The CCGMS Junior Rockhounds meet at 10:00 am the first Saturday of every month (usually) at the Cobb County Gem & Mineral Society Clubhouse.  Oh...and be sure to visit the Juniors fence line rock pile (or donate some yourself)!

Check this space each month for the coming events.  You can also find brief info on the club calendar.  And, of course, the monthly newsletter will also provide the latest news on the upcoming program.

January Junior Rockhounds Program Report

January 5th at 10:00am

Our January 6th meeting was a great success. We had great weather and we're able to complete our Scavenger Hunt.  We had agates, adventurine ,emeralds,geodes,granite, mica, moonstone, rose quartz, soap stone, staurolite and shells, fossils and shark teeth at the beach.  Once everyone had finished we came back inside and sorted and labeled their treasures so they could remember all the correct names of the stones. We also had the treasure chest available and everyone had an additional treasure to take home. 

The geodes were a big hit. Some were thunder eggs no two were alike and Richard cut them open for the kids.

February Program

February 2nd at 10:00am

In February we are going to start to work the breccia rock we made in November. We will be ultimately end with them having a finished pendant or a ring .  It may take us more than one session to complete this. But we will get there! If you didn’t participate in the session where the breccia was made, come anyway…we have enough to go around.

In Other Junior Rockhound News:

Our session in November was a great day for the kids. We had conglomerates from Brookwood, AL and breccia from our very on Rock Pile.  After the talk about conglomerates and breccia we made our own using plaster of paris and sand and adding different sizes of River Rock.  We also made a breccia using rock chips and pebbles in a poly-resin.  Once it has harden we will be cutting and polishing it and making jewelry.


Field trips

Most of the field trips that are set up by CCGMS or one of our affiliates is accessable to the Junior Rockhounds, pending parental permission. These trips include fossil hunting, prospecting, and much more!



Junior Rockhounds have access to the classes specially curated for them. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the materials and make beautiful works of art.


Workshop Access

One of the most fun parts of being a member of CCGMS is access to the workshop. This benefit is extended to all members, including the Junior Rockhounds. 

Please note, that one must complete the safety classes before being permitted to use the workshop.